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124 Student-Athletes Named to Dean’s List in 2016-17

124 Student-Athletes Named to Dean’s List in 2016-17


NEWTON, Mass. -- A total of 124 Mount Ida College varsity student-athletes were named to the Dean's list in one or both semesters during the 2016-17 school year. Student-athletes tabbed to the Dean's List achieved a minimum 3.33 GPA during that semester over a course load of at least 12 graded credit hours.

All 16 Mount Ida College teams were represented, including 61 student-athletes who were Dean's List selections in both semesters.

The Dean's List performers represent over a third of Mount Ida's enrolled undergraduate student-athletes. 

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Founded in 1899, Mount Ida College is a small, private college in Newton, Massachusetts, providing career-focused programs built upon a strong foundation in the social sciences, humanities and the arts, all developed and implemented to prepare our approximately 1,450 students for success.  The College is comprised of the School of Applied Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Design and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, awarding associate, bachelor and master's degrees. 


*Students with an asterisk earned Dean's List in both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.


Molly Alkinburg* Women's Basketball & Volleyball
Libby Andreasen* Women's Soccer
Elizabeth Baker Women's Cross Country
Danielle Barnabe* Women's Tennis
Claudia Barone* Cheerleading
Maggie Barros Women's Volleyball
Jared Barroso Men's Soccer
Julio Barroso Men's Soccer
Hannah Bassett Women's Tennis
Kelsi Bean Women's Basketball
Adam Beaty Men's Soccer
Rebecca Beaulieu Women's Lacrosse
Alexis Bell Women's Volleyball
Hannah Bellavance Equestrian
Alisa Benson* Women's Basketball & Softball
Shawn Bernardo Men's Soccer
Alexis Boswell Softball
Kyla Bragg* Women's Soccer
Sydney Bryk Women's Cross Country
Imani Bumpus Women's Basketball
Ryan Burch* Men's Cross Country
Cody Burdick* Men's Cross Country & Lacrosse
Brandy Bussiere* Equestrian
Taylor Churchill* Women's Basketball
Jayson Clark* Men's Basketball
Chad Coehlo* Men's Lacrosse
Janique Cofield* Women's Basketball
Lanna Cohen Cheerleading
Mikayla Corda* Women's Volleyball
Alison Cox* Women's Volleyball
Baylee Curley* Equestrian
Joshua David Football
Cole Davis Men's Cross Country & Lacrosse
Joey DeFillippi* Men's Basketball
Dylan Dilena Men's Lacrosse
Ethan Dujon Men's Basketball
Alysha Dunbar Women's Volleyball
Katherine Eastwood Women's Volleyball
Corey Eugster Men's Lacrosse
Kaylee Ferris* Softball
Andrew Foley Men's Basketball
Austin Foley Men's Soccer
Alexa Galluci Women's Basketball & Volleyball
Amanda Garner* Women's Tennis
Eleanor Garvey* Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Joe Gengarelly Men's Lacrosse
Alex Gillissen Men's Cross Country & Lacrosse
Kyleigh Gonet Cheerleading
Sarah Gordinier Field Hockey
Ryan Gries* Football
Peter Griffenkranz Men's Volleyball
Nate Gyampo Men's Volleyball
Nicole Handzel* Softball
Sam Hanson Equestrian
Peter Hardy Men's Lacrosse
Cam Hayward Men's Lacrosse
Keevaun Hazard-Page* Football
Lindsey Hildreth* Field Hockey
Shayna Hopkins* Women's Soccer
Rachael Hurley Softball
Jenni Jackson Softball
Katlyn Jesse Women's Basketball & Tennis
Nicholas Johnson Football
Nikki Kinneen Women's Lacrosse
Sam Laferriere* Women's Cross Country
Rachel Lambert* Women's Soccer
Nelson Leadbetter* Men's Volleyball
Rebecca Levy* Women's Tennis
Andrew Light* Football
Hannah Lilac* Women's Soccer
Alex Lincoln Women's Soccer
Trish Liotta Women's Basketball
Mikayla Lovering* Women's Soccer
Michele MacDonald Softball
Taylor Martin* Cheerleading
Angie Martinez Women's Basketball
Christian Martins Men's Soccer
Robert McClafferty Men's Soccer
Emily McConnell* Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Chris Medeiros Football
Hayley Microulis Softball
Lexi Minicucci Field Hockey & Softball
Jaime Moscato Women's Basketball
Breanna Muir Women's Basketball
Jesse Nelson Men's Basketball
Sam O'Toole* Women's Cross Country
Jamie Overoye* Women's Soccer
Michael Pina Football
Heather Pollock* Women's Soccer
Cody Seel Men's Soccer
Mary Kate Reidy* Women's Volleyball
Nolan Reimondo* Men's Soccer
Grace Ryan Field Hockey & Softball
Morgan Rzonca* Women's Soccer
Emily Salls* Field Hockey
Jacob Sartain* Men's Basketball
Jeremy Sayers* Men's Soccer
Brooke Scahill* Women's Lacrosse
AnnaMarie Seiler* Women's Soccer
Nathan Sengsavang Men's Soccer
Gabriella Shapiro* Women's Cross Country
Andrw Shaw* Men's Soccer
Jack Sheehan* Football
Tyler Shinkle* Men's Volleyball
Riley Soulliere* Women's Soccer
Ethan Souza* Cheerleading
Nathan Sprengle* Men's Volleyball
Emily Stagnaro Women's Volleyball
Corey Staub* Football
Kristina Stella Softball
Laura Suarez-Salamanca* Cheerleading
Wyatt Sullivan Men's Lacrosse
Suzanne Thibault Field Hockey
Tommy Thompson* Men's Cross Country & Lacrosse
Eleni Tsetsos Women's Volleyball
Kevin Vanderhorst* Men's Basketball & Volleyball
Alex Veloukas* Men's Lacrosse
Kristy Walton Women's Volleyball
Sarah Ward Equestrian
Casey White* Equestrian
James Wolff* Football
Alex Wright Men's Soccer
JT Yager* Men's Soccer
Alex Zito* Men's Lacrosse