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As integrated members of the Mount Ida College community and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III, the Department of Athletics provides programs that support the physical, social and emotional well being of our students while supporting the academic mission of the institution.

Varsity Athletics Program Goals

1)      Academic Achievement 

  • We strive to integrate intercollegiate athletics into the Mount Ida College community so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.
  • We work to minimize the conflicts between athletic and academic schedules.
  • We support a student-athlete’s primary focus; to learn and achieve their educational degree.
  • We believe that participation in athletics provides valuable life lessons which often translate into becoming a better student.

2)      Athletic Achievement 

  • We strive to challenge our student-athletes to achieve their highest athletic potential possible. 
  • We provide an environment where the health and well being of our athletes is paramount.
  • We strive for every team to achieve their highest potential as a cohesive unit.
  • Student-athletes compete in a highly competitive athletics program and retain the full spectrum of college life.
  • We encourage student-athletes to participate and achieve their potential on multiple athletic teams.
  • We challenge our teams to schedule quality non-conference opponents and achieve their desired outcomes within their respective conference.

3)      Sportsmanship 

  • Our student-athletes and coaches will learn the values of sportsmanship and demonstrate them both on and off the field of play.
  • Fair and respectful conduct toward all participants and supporters is a core value of the NCAA Division III, the Great Northeast Athletic Conference and Mount Ida College. 
  • Our coaches and student-athletes must understand that victory is not only achieved through the outcome of the game but also by the way we conduct ourselves on the fields of play.

4)      Leadership and Moral Development 

  • We are committed to providing gender equitable treatment of both men’s and women’s programs.
  • We encourage student-athletes to become campus leaders and serve as positive role-models for all students.
  • We educate our student-athletes through athletic experiences that foster their leadership skills.

5)      Pride 

  • Our varsity athletic programs strive to be a constant source of pride for all members of the Mount Ida College Community.
  • We challenge all student-athletes to take personal pride in their academics, athletics and in the Mount Ida College campus.